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    Land Solution Co , Ltd has been doing all the work related to real estate from the beginning.
    We have many years of experience in all areas of real estate , such as corporate consulting,
    P / M of enforcement office development and rental and personal asset management.

    Based on this experience , we identifide the needs of each individual consumer and company
    and pioneered the expertise in product planning and pre-sale marketing to meet the target
    audience and through this, we have been striving to thrive for business success.

    Based on the unique know-how accumulated through many experiences and successes,
    we have reached the present day by writing the myth of successful sales by expanding
    the scope of work to pre-sale agencies such
    as apartments , knowledge centers high-end house and townhouses.

    With a constart enthusiasm today we prepare for the myth of success.

    Yeon Ho Joon,

    CEO of land solution,
    Asia Plus and
    Golden Asia Partners